Thursday 29 March 2012

Battle of Marienborn

Another battle in the 1813 Campaign as the French try and redeploy their forces out of the rough terrain of Marienborn after the surprise capitulation of Magdeburg.

Report from Dave M as usual.

From Furness Wargamers in Shakos

Battle of Marienborn, Day 13

French 2nd Corps were caught trying to manoeuvre out of Marienborn by the combined forces of Yorck and Sacken.

The French decided on a pre-emptive strike against Sackens IV Corps, before Yorcks II Corps could get in to action. French 3rd Division managed to blunt Sackens 4th Infantry divisions attack, throwing the 9th Russian Brigade and the divisional commander back in confusion. Carried away by their success, the French left themselves dangerously exposed in the centre of the battlefield and were mercilessly counter attacked by the Allied cavalry.

Russian 3rd Division managed to shatter the French right wing, capturing several guns and driving the others from the battlefield.

On the French left, the Prussians of II Corps assaulted the town of Marienborn, after several attacks and a confused melee in the town itself, they finally evicted the French defenders, the remnants of which were cut down by marauding Prussian Hussars.

With both wings lost and in danger of encirclement, the battered French infantry in the centre broke and ran, covered by the corps light cavalry.

A sudden heavy downpour aided the French in their headlong flight.

French losses 7500, plus 12 guns

Allied losses 3250, plus 7 guns

[Sacken (Jim) committed to the attack earlier than Yorck (Mark) was expecting, Yorck had deployed the majority of his Corps in position to try a flanking manoeuvre, and required time to get in position. The French counter-attack up the centre attempted to dispose of IV Corps while they were ensnared in the assault, but left the French with their necks sticking out. A couple of even Cavalry battles went against the French, and left their Infantry, who had nearly broken through the Russian lines, vulnerable. With the fall of the town, to Yorcks assault, leaving the French escape route exposed, they had no option but to retreat in disarray.]

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