Wednesday 24 October 2012

Colonial Mars. pt 3

Unfortunately I was ill this week, but the campaign carried on to it inevitable end.

With the Americans being in thier own little section of the map, and with their strongest assets being conventional Naval, and so slow and canal bound, there was nothing much they could do to intefer in the main theatre of action anyway.

An Email explains the conclusion as follows...

Rear Admirals,

The struggle for control of the great Coprates valley on Mars is over for the year 1889.

The gallant High Martian enclave surrendered in similar fashion as the Japanese to the advancing might of the British aerial steam navy, ensuring the British achieved overall single nation control of the valley.

The superior tactics of the British commander, backed by highly efficient crews and the awesome aerial steam gunboat squadrons carried the day.

The (apparently) free availability of massive French funding and constant aid (meddling) from Belgian sabotage (including seemingly Belgian controlled sandstorms) both served to ease the British victory.

Commiserations to the losing nations who did the best they could with the increasingly meagre resources available.

Peace descends on Mars again, for the time being...

Thanks to all for a fun mini campaign.



Thursday 18 October 2012

Colonial Mars, pt 2

The campaign on Mars continues...

Tony is missing and the French commander Jim is replaced by Dave S.

From Furness Wargamers from Mars

Thursday 11 October 2012

Colonial Mars, pt 1

A campaign run by Paul, and based upon Space 1889 universe, and the Corprates Valley as shown in Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds. The British (Matt), Americans (Tel), French (Jim), Germans (Tony) and Japanese (Dave M) all decide they want a slice of Belgium's (Mark) contested Martian (Paul) domain.

Having the original RPG for the setting, along with Conklin's, I was at least prepared for the idea of aerial warships fighting on Mars.

From Furness Wargamers from Mars