Thursday, 18 October 2012

Colonial Mars, pt 2

The campaign on Mars continues...

Tony is missing and the French commander Jim is replaced by Dave S.

From Furness Wargamers from Mars

The Americans continue to consolidate on their own little stretch of Canal, trading the town of Tamboo and its powerful British built gunboat. isolated near the Belgium sphere of influence, to the High Martians. In exchange they recieved the town of Uri-Babaat and defending Fortified Barge, near to New Amsterdam.

With new reinforcements and troops ported down the flooded canal from the north, the Americans assaulted and captured New Amsterdam (formerly Po-Poo-Hanna-Kitai) from the French, who were pinned in place by an 'unfortunate' sandstorm.

This was promptly renamed to New New York to avoid confusion with any other renamed New Amsterdams. An attempt to recapture it was launched by the French but amounted to little more than a fly past by a Zeppelin, which retreated after one round of fire.

Both the British and Belgians try and advance down their respective arms of the Canal system. The British with great success as they capture towns off the French, effectively forcing their capitulation to them. The British continue to advance, swapping towns with the subservient French, and leading to a large confrontation against the massed Japanese forces.

The swiftness of the defeat of the main Japanese force sent shockwaves all the way back to Earth; no doubts to have repercussions in the future.

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