Tuesday 12 March 2013

Dinos vs Aliens

A Mini-campaign, organised by Paul, inspired by the Comic (and potential film) Dinosaurs vs Aliens.

Six players each running a unique race of Aliens who happen to invade pre-historic Earth at the same time. They are not that unique as all races have the telepathic ability to control the native species of Dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs are also split into types, and sub divided by size. In any given encounter between Alien forces the type of Dinos available to a side is randomly determined.

Second Battle was a three way, with the result of one set of aliens running from the table in their spaceship, sacrificing one of their numbers to do so, while another group saw their ship get destroyed by a Dino and prohibiting their escape.

At the end of the campaign, all the remaining Aliens got together in the centre of the map for one final bash around the wreckage of the crashed ship.

And as can be seen, some of the big dinos finally showed up. Most people piled into the centre against Dave S's remaining forces, as he attempted to hold back the tide using the dangerous tactic of Alien on Alien psy-combat.

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