Tuesday 2 April 2013

Baby Blitz

Didn't feel like gaming at the club so watched a 6mm high level game of the German Blitzkrieg into Northern France in 1940. Hexed based with two players on each side, homebrew rules that had previously been used for Eastern front games.

The French inexplicably left their fortifications on their right and centre. The position was doomed but the voluntary vacation allowed the Germans to push forward quicker and prevented the slow moving French reinforcements (including Char B's) from reaching a defensible position.

On the French Left it was stalemate as the Germans continued to bounce off the defences that were constantly being repopulated by the French. To try and break the stand off, the Germans decided to push some units through a minefield as, too quote the German commander 'it's quicker', the results were as predictable as they were explosive.

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