Tuesday 9 April 2013

Going Postal

A bit of a strange game tonight as we do a mini-campaign based upon the book\film 'The Postman' - Putting the 'Post' into post apocalypse. Matt plays Kevin Costner, aided by Tel and Tony. Paul was the General ordering Dave M and Mark around.

From Furness Wargamers in the Future

The scarcity of troops in the initial battles, especially when the generals forces had to face hostile Militia, lead to some strange battles with both sides avoiding each other, hiding behind the building in the towns. Lucky rolls of 6's by the Militia, in essentially gunfight style showdowns, knocked the General forces back by a couple of units.

In the final battle all the forces piled in, the General playing a 'Trap' card to gain +2 attack this combat turn, only to be followed by the Posties playing 'Ambush' gaining +3 for a turn. In this first and last turn of combat it became a case of near mutual annihilation, and with the fall of the General, game over.

It would appear from the way recruiting works and the large size of the map that the campaign should always favour the Posties, who should be able to recruit a large force, while avoiding contact, and cause a cascade of recruiting in their favour, before the Generals forces can have any chance to engage them and peg them back.

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