Wednesday 4 December 2013

Ring Impetus

A game of Impetus, heavily modified for a fantasy setting - Middle Earth. A force of Orcs and Haradrim, with their pet Giant Oliphant in tow, take on a force of Elves, Rohir and Knights of Dol Amroth.

The elves face off against the Orcs, as the Cavalry get the task of dealing with the Easterlings and the Mumakil.

Having the Rohir try and take on the Easterlings turn out to be not very successful, mainly due to the loss of Impetus against the pikes of the infantry.

The Knights, even with Gandalf to back them up, only managed to halt the Mumakil for a couple of turns before it started it's stomp onwards.

Meanwhile some rampaging Trolls came to an halt, as we reach a common situation in Impetus, where two badly damaged units become too weak to quickly inflict decisive casualties on each other.

The second batch of Knights charged but failed spectacularly in the combat caused by it's follow up move.

The elves slowly advanced forward to meet the Orcs and multiple archery duels break out as each side tries to soften the other up and get casualties and disruptions on each other.

Finally the Elves start to get the upper hand on the Orcs, repulsing the initial line of attack, as the Rohirrim undertake a delaying action against the Haradrim, who had been slow to take advantage of the hole that the Mumakil had created.

Through out the fight the good guy infantry tried to maintain a cohesive line, but the disorganisation of the bad guys didn't seem to have much effect in terms of the combat.

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