Tuesday 15 April 2014

Road to Waterloo - Again

Another play test of the 'fast-play' rules for next years Waterloo game, as the rules finally settle down after about five iterations. Again it is an hold the village scenario, set in the Peninsular (Iberian, not Furness)

Two brigades of British and Portuguese, lead by Tel, plus some Heavy Cavalry and Guns, defending against the massed forces of the Matt's French.
From Furness Wargamers in Shakos

British deployed on the left, Portuguese on the right supported by the British Cavalry. Each brigade given one of the two village sections to defend (each can only hold one battalion), with the British Guard battalion being given the task of linking and supporting both.

The initial French attack appears to be concentrated on the British section.

The Guard unit marched in column along the road and set themselves between the two built up areas, taking light damage from the French artillery. The French initially sent a unit of cavalry to try and disrupt them and force a gap in the line, but were repulsed when they failed to break through into the ranks.

On the British left the French advanced in front of the British artillery, taking casualties as they marched into canister range. Two battalions did get to charge the sole British unit that had popped out of hiding over the ridge. One manages to contact but the other is repulsed by close range Musket fire. Despite winning the melee and forcing the British off the crest of the hill, the worn French are in no position to take advantage.

The French, having cleared the British out of the left section of the village attempt to attack the Guards with massed infantry. The combined fire from the Guards and the Portuguese Rifles in the village to their right, being enough to repulse the French attack column.

The British battalion that had previously been forced out of the village regroups and launches an assault against the French, who still had not organised in the village. After a tussle it falls back into British hands.

A second Portuguese line battalion advances over the ridge to support the village and also support the British cavalry now coming round on the far right. The more numerous French Cavalry have at this point not commited to anything other than the early charge on the Guards. 

The British Heavy Cavalry managed an effective attack against infantry, possibly a first in local wargaming history. They successfully take out a battalion in line after surviving their closing fire, before carrying on into the flank of a second unit that had withdrawn from the fight with the Guards . This left the surviving cavalry in the unfortunate position close to a full strength French Cavalry unit, but in their turn they failed the command roll to charge, a 1 in 36 chance.

As the final act of the game, with the French conceding that their badly mauled infantry could not press the attack, the British Cavalry, the heroes of the hour, charged the French and caught them at a standstill, almost evening the odds out but not enough. The British Cavalry withdraw a spent force, but the French Cavalry were badly shaken as well.

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