Tuesday 8 April 2014

A New Great War

A trial game, organised by Dave M, of a set of DBA derived rules for the Great War, and based on an existing one found online for the Chaco War, but tweaked for the earlier era.

Set in the Middle East, between the Ottomans, lead by Tel and Mark, and a force of Australians and Indians, lead by Matt and Jim. Ottomans are defending with a number of their starting AP's being randomly determined to be defensive positions, either dugouts or barbed wire.

From Furness Wargamers in Trenches

Dave M has re-based his miniatures from the individual or double basing that he had used for Warhammer Great War to a new DBx style stand based formations. He has had enough of the smaller scale actions and wanted to move up a level.

The Ottomans sent their cavalry on the right forward and managed to breakthrough a unit of dismounted Australian horse after their shooting failed to stop them. The Australians continued along this flank as the Ottoman Horse went to harass their rear.

After taking losses from the Ottoman artillery, the centre of the Allied forces withdrew out of range, relying on the flank attack and the reinforcements to maintain the assault by clearing the infantry off the high ground to the right of the defenses.

The Ottoman reinforcements finally turned up, taking a loss before removing the enemy machine gun that had been harassing the flank.

The Lancers that had been acting as a speed bump and flank threat against the Australian artillery were finally removed, but did hold the reinforcements back for a bit.

Loss of the Turkish commander saw the game end, despite the Ottomans still holding the defensive line.

A little bit too many push backs for my liking and the shooting rules seemed a bit off and game-y when shooting between troops in rough terrain.

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