Tuesday 29 September 2015


Fistful of TOWs in an early WW2 setting. French trying to hold a river crossing from a German assault, waiting for assistance from the British who are finishing off their tea.

The Germans make swift advance down the table but the German off table artillery suffer loses from counterbattery fire, losing 2 of its three elements.

The British reinforcements turn up to the Germans rear on the right, first a couple of Recce units but soon followed by some proper armour in the shape of A10 and A13s. A French force of 6 CharBis appear on the Germans left flank, as more British armour pours in.

Just in time, the Germans get some reinforcements in the form of some self-propelled guns.

The German attack into the village becomes more frenzied with the slow crawling approach of the CharBis worrying them somewhat.

Finally, the French battalion breaks giving the Germans victory.

(This has been retroactively published a few years after the event based on an old draft, hence no images and scant details)