Tuesday 23 May 2017

Steampunk Village People

A big (possibly too big) game of 'In Her Majesty's Name'.

A quite English village gets disrupted as nefarious groups from around the world converge to loot it's treasures. Five factions, and the GM controlled villagers.

Intended as a refresher game to get us familiar with the rules again, it tended to get bogged down a bit with the turn sequence.

The heroic band of the Prince of Wales's Extraordinary Company.

Heathens looting the church of it's treasures (a minor victory condition if they could get it off board), and inspecting the noise from the house.

All pile in! Massed combat in the house (but actioned outside on paper floor plan); not the best place for the Dragon Hands spell or flamethrower. This lasted multiple turns due to the fearless nature of the combatants. But broke up before the house burnt down on top of them.

Our Heroes creep around the outside of the Manor House. Nothing to be found inside. Not even in the wine cellar. Four buildings searched without success.

Villagers react to indiscriminate shooting of town folk by indiscriminately shooting at strangers. Turns out the main treasure is in large building on the left. 

Germanic aligned Rabble attack the villagers.

Riflemen keeping an eye out on the left. The marksman failed three consecutive long range shots, before being shot himself.

Time ran out with no treasure getting off the border. Lack of knowledge of the rules lead to a lot of book reading, and the 'move one' turn sequence also slowed things down to a crawl.

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