Tuesday 9 May 2017

Frosty ADnD

Things go a bit old school! Modified 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons but in a Frostgrave setting. All organised by Matt. Multiple parties entering the deathtrap city to grab as much loot as they can.

Gates of the ruined city.

Adventurers assemble! My party. All parties were constituted the same. Wizard, Cleric, Tank, Thief, Archer and Grunts.

Part of the city. Lots of buildings and walls. And plenty of portals for monsters to appear at. Having my wizard select 'spider climb' as one of his spells proved to be useful in getting our first treasure chest.

Treasure everywhere! Our second chest of the night.

Another party encounters a brute, and soon discover that the ADnD spell 'Mend' is not meant for reattaching limbs. Monsters pop up at random portals on any natural D20 rolls of 20.

Evil party grabs some loot. They lost a couple of members prior to this from a spider's poisoned bite. Even little critters can be lethal.

A Big Nasty Worm randomly appears.

Disposed of in heroic charge fashion. (But rivals are still making off with the treasure)

Ye olde tome of legend.

More randomness.

 The game ends. Result was determined by treasure captured minus party members lost. I had lost my Cleric from a bow shot, but got two treasures. The Winner had three treasures and one loss.

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