Tuesday 25 April 2017

Colonial Impetus

Something a bit different as Matt coverts the Baroque version of the Impetus rules to cover 19th Century action in the Sudan. Matt digs out his British and Mahdists, which are currently based for Principles of War.

The British are trying to revive a fortified town under attack by the Mahdists. The town is garrisoned by Tristan's force.

The town comes under attack straight off from three directions. The defenders not having enough units to fire at all attacking forces.

The relief column comes under piecemeal attack, losing it's lancers who went on the charge. So the town falls as the Relief Column can't make enough pace to get there.

General view was that the conversion works but that using the group movement of the original Impetus might lead to some more dynamic movement and assaults. With the given movement rates there was no real chance of the relief getting anywhere near the town in a reasonable time frame.

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