Tuesday 15 August 2017

Door to Door

Something a bit different this week as Jim arranges a game. A bit of urban fighting in WW2 using Jim Websters set of rules 'Hell by Daylight'.

Tel, Matt, and Steve are the bad guys trying to get away from the advancing Russians.
Tristan, Scott, Tom, and Bill are the defenders of Poland attempting to block their path.

The Germans had four squads and accompanying panzers available. The defenders are hidden through out the city and might have booby trapped the barricades scattered around the streets.

The Germans send in one squad at a time to try and clear a path for the evacuation and spend a lot of time hesitating at the first barricade trying to work out if it is rigged to explode.

Slow progress was made and a lot of dicing occurred, but due to the low percentage chance to actually hit anything not many casualties were inflicted on either side.

Things started to change once the Molotovs started flying, causing one of the tanks to flee and another to button down. A booby trap also managed to wound a number of Germans as they approached the large central building that was the source of much of the gun fire.

 The Germans try multiple routes to try and flank the defenders, and gain positions to lay down covering fire, but the partisans are too mobile, apparently making good use of the sewers to out manoeuvre the enemy.

Time runs out with the Germans not making much progress, only approximately one-third of the way across the board.

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