Tuesday 6 February 2018

Steaming Again

Another trial of Matt's Steampunk Naval game at the club, based on the in-house DTS system.

Once more it's the Americans vs the Japanese, using Dystopian Wars models. Three small squadrons on each side, starting a couple of moves outside maximum artillery range.

The Americans are the first to open up, with the guns on their capital ships having a slight range advantage but at maximum range and a low chance to hit.

Even with all their ships having crack crews and lower profiles reducing their effective size for targeting, the Americans had a hard time of it. The sheer volume of fire from the Japanese causing problems, especially as the smaller of the American ships had fewer hitboxes than their Japanese equivalents.

A wall of torpedoes came in from the Japanese but both target ships, a Battleship and a Missile Cruiser, avoided them. Unfortunately, conventional gunfire finished off the already badly damaged Cruiser.

Finally, a Japanese Cruiser got within 12 hexes of the Big Battleship which managed to open up with 20 dice worth of weaponry, in an Arc weapon broadside, and despite the majority of them hitting, the target cruiser was still afloat. Some additional fire from a neighbouring ship soon sent it down.

So the game ended with one cruiser lost each but with the Americans receiving more damage overall.

Will have to try and work out some damage sheets for my own fleet of ships that are currently in dry dock for a lick of paint and gun installation.

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