Tuesday 13 February 2018

Indian Kings

Back to Maratha India in the Napoleonic era, but using 'The Men Who Would Be Kings' rules.

A little early for the ruleset but still within the playable range. The club has already used these rules in a series of games organised by Dave M, but set in the Great War at the other end of the gameable range.

The ruins in the centre looked a bit odd. Maybe they were transplanted there by extraterrestrials?

The Sepoys were a bit reluctant to move up, failing multiple activation attempts, except for the cavalry which rode ahead and seized the high ground despite it not being good cavalry terrain.

On the left things were going badly with multiple units being pinned. Two units were mowed down by lancers, who were finally removed by artillery fire.

On the right The British and Sepoys tried to form a line of sorts as the Indians try and send in a human wave, A few volleys into the charging horde managed to pin a couple of units and causing difficulties for the troops following up.

Matt thought that it was about 100 points each, making it a big game for the system. Most of the units were oversized explaining the devastating levels of firepower on display. It also explains why the table was so crowded and movement quite difficult and linear.

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