Tuesday 20 February 2018


The post-apocalyptic 'Even Death May Die' rules make another outing. Three human factions clash while the zombies take advantage for a quick snack. Game organised by Dave M. Tel plays the defenders of the town while Matt tries to recover some stolen loot taken by Mark.

With my forces split into three separate pairs it was going to be hard to try and concentrate fire on the encroaching undead. 

Especially as Mark's group was taking pot shots at any visible survivors and not just at Matt, who had already lost a guy from the hostile fire.

A couple of my people make it to relative safety over a fence, but my other survivors make it their priority to pick on Mark's survivors who are now making a break for a vehicle, as the Zeds get ever closer to blocking them in.

Mark's remaining people get overwhelmed by the Zombies, as my surviving crew make sharp exits off the board. Matt's people had already made a break for it.

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