Wednesday 24 September 2008

Pass the Dutchie...

...on the larboard side!

Martin has once more rejigged his prototype rules for the naval warfare of the Anglo-Dutch Wars.

10 ships a side and a mixture of warships and armed merchantmen plus a fireship each.

From Anglo Dutch

The English gained the advantage of the Weatherguage and move into position. Sending the fireship ahead to try and disrupt the Dutch's formation.

The Dutch try to close with the English to negate the more effective English cannons and to bring their own shorter ranged guns to bear.

Both Fireships actually made contact with target vessels and managed to tangle with the opposing ships. The English managed to blow the Dutch fireship out of the water but not before it had set fire to the ship. The fate of the English fireship was quite different...

With the ships boat destroyed normally the flaming of the ship would not happen as no captain would be foolish enough to torch a ship without some means of escape. Unfortunately the next thing to happen was the captain getting hit with a cannonball (a frequent occurance in this paticular game!) and the rules for that is that the crew continues with the previous orders i.e. Torch the ship! Soon both ships are ablaze and crews heading overboard.

The fate of the Dutch ship approaching the conflagration above was just as dramatic as a direct hit on its powder store leading to a massive explosion and an absence of the ship.

With the Dutch morale wiltering and almost an entire squadron gone the Dutch called it a day.

This game was played just a bit too late for 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day'

Pics from this and other playtests...

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