Wednesday 7 May 2014

Fuentes Warm Up

The final test of Matt's Frankenstein style home-brew rules, before their first big outing at the much delayed St George's Day game.

A small affair between the French and the Spanish, who were instructed to hold a built up area. The Spanish had the much larger force but was up against good quality French, including four high quality Guard Cavalry units.

Seeing the French Cavalry approaching en masse, the Spanish Cavalry moved forward and charged first, with the French counter-charging. The resultant melee was indecisive, so both sides reinforced it. This time the French came out on top, forcing that section of opposing Cavalry begin to flee the field.

The French Cavalry, being disrupted themselves, could not immediately follow up the routing Spanish, causing a tailback of cavalry units. Finally they start advancing, and the Polish Lancers attempt to charge the Spanish guns.

The Spanish now continue their redeployment of the remaining cavalry to that flank, and set up their one infantry unit in the open into  square. In the meantime a small force of mounted Guerrillas attempt to disrupt things for the already mauled French, but get thrown back and pursued. The French pursue so far that they catch up with one of the previously fleeing units and destroy them.

The charge from the Polish Lancers failed to go in against the guns, mainly due to fire from a section of the Militia hiding behind the wall of the village. They managed to hit on a six with all three dice. With the canister from the guns, this was enough to make the Lancers waiver.

One the French right the Infantry attack only met with partial success. The far most unit routed the Spanish and went off in pursuit, while the remaining attacking units never managed to get the weight of numbers, and were pushed back.

The game ends at this point with the central village never being directly assaulted itself, just hit a few times from the Horse Artillery.

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