Monday 16 June 2014

Phalanx 2014

This Saturday I once more undertook the annual pilgrimage to St Helens and the Phalanx Show, the North-West premier (i.e. only) wargames convention. Meeting up down there with the other members of the Furness Wargamers, who had made their own way down.

This year Martin was putting on a demonstration game on the Clubs behalf. This was 'The Battle of Lake Erie', from the War of 1812. All boats are paper models painstakingly constructed by Martin himself.

From Phalanx

Made good speed on the Journey there, not quite getting down for opening, but before the Bring and Buy started.

Most of the tables at the entrance were dedicated to a Star Wars X-Wing tournament, and, given that these ended up empty between rounds, I'm not sure what sort of impression it gives to people just entering the Hall, which didn't seem particularly busy and which seemed to have a bit more free space than usual between tables.

The club game was already in progress but I didn't participate myself. Turns out the game went along close to the historical battle but with the Americans having clearly inflicted the most damage by the end.

Opposite our game was an Impetus game set in one of the Baron Wars and featuring an impressive Castle.


Also neighbouring was a WW2 Battle of Britain game, featuring plenty of aircraft and a very nice hand painted terrain cloth.

The biggest game there was the Pacific Beach landing, which covered three large tables, including naval combatants, not sure if it was actually being played, or just a static display. Certainly the two opposing aircraft carriers didn't move anywhere!

Not sure I really got into the right mood for convention, it just didn't seem to have the same feel as previous years. Didn't seem to be as many trade stands, and a lack of competition\options in products.

Did my normal initial lap of the hall to scout out potential buys, but nothing initially grabbed my attention. So ended up doing a few more laps hoping for some inspiration before taking a break for food. 'Unfortunately' the dire upstairs cafe was shut cutting down on my cholesterol intake but stopping me taking any photos of the Hall from the balcony.

Couldn't find what I was really after, the 4Ground Log Timber Block House for F.I.W., unlike at Fiasco there was only one stall stocked up with it and that was mostly with Western buildings tied into a 'Dead Mans Hand' promo.

Final tally of purchases: Forsaken Lore, the first expansion for Eldritch Horror, a couple of packs of Anglo-American Provincials from Galloping Major, and a couple of Osprey's dedicated to North American tribes to try and ease my nervousness at painting the Native Americans.

Almost bought Jugula, the Gladiator game from the same people as Muskets and Tomahawks, but having to stump up £7 for a small deck of cards was a bit much, especially as all copies of the rules were shrink-wrapped so I couldn't find out just how big a role the cards play. At least with M&T the deck is easy to construct yourself.

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