Tuesday 23 December 2014

Zombie Xmas

The Twilight World rules, and Dave M's horde of zombies and terrain, make a festive appearance as the game attracted a larger than expected turn out as some of the role-players\boardgamers joined in.

The 8 good guys, including Tel, Matt, Jim, Mark, Keir, and the returning Dave S, vs Dave M, who was the Xmas Grinch controlling the Zeds.

With a horde of zombies already after us it was head into the town to find some shelter else become stocking fillers for the brain munchers.

Totally ignoring any lessons learned from the last game, we went into town all guns blazing, making enough noise to wake the dead, as they came pouring out of the buildings. Had a close escape when my shotgun jammed at an inappropriate moment, so had to switch to the handgun.

Matt once more is in charge of an hand grenade and decides to draw some of them off as he enters a building and clambers up to the rickety roof, which became even more rickety when Policeman Dave S joined him. Most of the rest of us clamber on top of the school bus, but crossbow wielder Kier, headed off on his own.

As we make a break from the bus, one of us tried to make it on their own, in the misguided belief that speed was the best defense. A couple of turns later and he was zombie cattle feed.
Spying some people on the roof tops down the street we head of in that direction seeking refuge, as a large explosion emanates from the build Matt and Dave S had hung out in.

Unfortunately it turned out our fellow survivors in town were not in festive mood, and they started taking pot shots at us as we dive for cover.

Mark ducks into the hospital to avoid their fire, and over the next few turns finds a stack of first aid kits as he searches each floor. But there's no realistic way for him to get the kits to those who need them without getting blasted by the survivors or swamped by the zombies.

Meanwhile Matt and Dave S make a break back out of town, only to run into even more rotters. A wounded Dave S tries to escape towards us, but with little success.

With a broken shotgun and with no more ammo for the pistol, I decided that it was best not to try and take the horde on with just a combat knife and made a break to run to safety, along with the rest of the surviving survivors. Not a single person was uninjured.

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