Tuesday 10 February 2015

Western Backshot

Dave M gets to display his newly complete Western figures, in this four sided skirmish using rules downloaded from the web and some rather smart card buildings.

Given the lush vegetation the setting is obviously not the wilds of Arizona, more likely in one of the northern states. This little town is so peaceful they don't even need an undertaker (or privies).

The Ranchers are moving into town to try and free their colleague, who has been locked up after a wild night on the town, they have no idea what the other groups are up to. Movement is fairly slow as an action point is needed per man.

The Sheriff returns to town and orders his posse to open fire, without warning, on the Ranchers, shooting the Cattle Baron in the back, not once but twice. This affects the Ranchers quite badly as they lose the two bonus activation points from the leader.

The sheriff, having being winged by returning fire from the Ranchers, decide to run and hide in the other side of the street,closely followed by his men, whose weapons were mostly out ranged by the Ranchers.
Meanwhile at the other end of town a bunch of Bank Robbers were being chipped at by the patrons of the local saloon, who were being lead by an hotshot gambler.
Having twigged that things were not going their way, and that their life savings were now threatened by the new interlopers, the Ranchers decided to look after their own and earn some brownie points by opening up at close range on the Bank Robbers who were standing next to them at the Banks back door. Shotguns and dual pistols proved to be very effective at point blank range.

Hopefully the Cattle Baron's widow will use the resources of his estate to hire some lawyers\bribe some judges, and secure the conviction and hanging of the Sheriff, the evidence of brutality and indiscriminate slaying being overwhelming.

Elsewhere Keiron was in charge of running a game of Charlie Company, and just like old times there's a character stood on top of an APC to get a better view. ¶

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