Tuesday 21 April 2015

Dutch Courage

Another trial of the increasingly refined Waterloo Rules. A French assault on a polyglot force of Dutch, Belgians and Brunswickers.

Matt and Tel lead the French, Tony and Jim the argumentative allies.

The first assaults from the French were repulsed with casulties. A more effective tactic for the French was to stand off and fire in supported line at the defenders. With the assistance of the Artillery the defenders were chipped away.

 Finally a breakthrough for the French on the right as a renewed assault takes the rightmost buildings, threatening the troops defending between the built-up areas. With French cavalry cming round the side the Allies were forces to adjust their positions.

The French lancers initially pushed the Brunswickers back, but numbers told in the next combat round and the situation was reversed, with the Brunswickers then following up and completely routing the Lancers, but at the cost of riding off the table in mad pursuit.

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