Tuesday 11 July 2017

More Dystopia

More shenanigans at sea, as the Steampunk navy's raise steam again. All figures are again from Spartan Games, who produce nice models for Dystopian Wars even if the club are not over keen on using their rules.

Matt's DTS variant rules have been streamlined a bit since last time, no more rolls for reloading the big guns, just a negative to hit to compensate instead.

Blazing Sun vs the Federated States again. In terms of the fleets the Federates have been up gunned a bit.

Three players per side. The Blazers were a bit disorganised as they advanced on the enemy. While the smaller ships sought shelter behind an island so did the Battleships blocking their own field of fire and allowing the Corvettes of the Federates to close up with them.

The game bogged down a bit as the rapid firing guns of the numerous Federate corvettes lead to a long stream of repetitive dice rolls, with each hit only doing light damage to the Battleships. Matt's now talking of tweaking the rules to make linked firing easier.

Getting into torpedo range was difficult, and some early launches were attempted to try and marshal the enemy together. One of the cruisers, already badly damage being used as cover for the other two. These pictures are from the end of the game, prior to the final round of firing that never occurred.

More players now have fleets in being as Dave M has some French and Mark has both British and Prussians after obtaining then second hand off eBay; New paint jobs will ensue. I'm continuing the painting if my East Indian Co. fleet and hopefully will get them finished sometime in next couple of weeks.

Then will come the task of developing some DTS ship sheets for each type.

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