Tuesday 27 March 2018

Wings of 100 Years

To celebrate 100 years of the RAF, founded on April Fools Day 1918, I organised a couple of games of Wings of War.

4 a side, with one plane each. Getting the players to choose their own planes was probably a bad idea as ended up with a mixed bag of performance types and many planes the RAF would never have flown!.

The first game was a straight up furball between single-seaters. A large table so fighting soon broke into individual scraps but with opponents often switching target when passing close.

Keiron's Camel pilot taking out three enemy craft before getting shot down himself.

Eventually, all the Central Powers planes were forced down giving our version of the RAF their first victory.

The second game was a bombing scenario where the RAF had to prevent a Gotha and its 3 escorts from reaching a barrage balloon defended the target. Played with pseudo altitude rules - the single seaters could fly over the balloon and chain defenses, but the bomber would have to wait for the balloon to go down before it could reach the target.

The novice Snipe pilot made the rookie mistake of not knowing his left from his right and flew off away from the German fighters that were closely guarding the bomber.

The balloons were proving to be more resilient than expected as the bomber waited for the barrage to go down.

Taking damage the bomber decided to push its luck and head straight for the barrage in the hope that its guns or that of an ally, would take the balloon down before a collision with the chains.
It got lucky at the last moment an managed to pass through the falling defenses.

So the target gets destroyed but the bomber is close to falling out of the sky.

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