Tuesday 8 January 2019

Very British Bridge

Something a bit different as Ben brought out his 1930's 'Very British Civil War' figures and rules which were modified from the VSF 'In Her Majesties Name'. In the VBCW setting, the country has gone to pot after the non-abdication of King Edward VIII.

A convoy of BUF vehicles are attempting to cross a bridge, the checkpoint being manned by some Bobbies, who have also called in help from some Home Defence Volunteers. To make things less one-sided there are also various units of communists lying in ambush.

 The BUFs send some young volunteers to smash through the barricade but run out of petrol just as they get there (A  number of event cards were handed out to the players to play on each other, this was one of them)

As the Communists approach from one direction and the Fascists from another, the Police Officers decide it's probably best to hide in the sewer\culvert next to the road. But rather than take up a firing position they stop to have a cup of tea (yet another event card). This was rudely interrupted as the BUF chucked a stick of dynamite into the sewer. This exploded but with no effect other than to coat the police with the contents of the sewer and ruin the coppers' cuppa's.

The Volunteers do their best to 'Don't Panic' but decide it's safer to get back in the armoured vehicle as the lead starts flying. They then decide to ram the leading BUF truck which was now being pushed along. Unknown to the ones doing the pushing, the driver was no longer in control of the vehicle after being hit by a round from an anti-tank rifle.

Fisticuffs break out all over with the Fascists and Commies taking a number of casualties. The Police had slunk away down the sewers in desperate need of a bath after not managing to hit anything with their weapons. The Volunteers managed to do some volley firing into the melee from the loopholes in the van, which looked impressive but didn't actually hit anything despite the re-rolls for secondary targets.

The group agreed that IHMN sort of worked as a system (once we refreshed ourselves of the rules, we did the turn sequence wrong for the first couple of moves) but there was so much movement going on that ranged firing was extremely difficult with the combined modifiers.¶

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