Tuesday 10 September 2019

Tripod Terror

Time to wheel out the Martians for a couple of games of Tripods and Triplanes at the club as I teach the rules to some first-time players.

Mark the Martian versus Matt and Jim the Aviators.

The scenario is based on the basic one in the game, an Mk.I 'Locust' Tripod against a rocket laden Nieuport 16, but with an extra N.16 in play straight off rather than acting as a replacement. The game was played on half of a 6ft by 4ft mat, so just slightly larger than the playing area specified but with only three objectives.

The flyboys tactic of trying to knock down the shields, rather than take it on head-on, never really worked as the planes were uncoordinated in their attacks and the Warmachine had plenty of time to recharge at the early objectives.

Black Smoke was the most effective of the Martian weapons, despite it's slower recharge rate, with the planes being forced to fly through them a number of times. Although an optional rule I felt it would be needed to even out the game, now I'm not sure.

The objectives fell in quick succession; so the Martians won with little damage inflicted by either side. No rockets ended up being fired in anger.

For the second run through the planes were upgraded to a Sopwith Camel and an SE5a. Both of these are A deck firing, have more hits, and generally more manoeuvrable.

The planes decided on a more head-on approach this time, but, despite inflicting more damage to the Martian this time from frontal attacks (the first damage card drawn was an explosion causing half damage), the Tripod still achieved its objective comfortable.

The Tripod was a bit more cagey in its movement this game, putting in extra stops to misstep the opposition and also playing a couple of sideways turns to convert what would have been head-on shots into much less effective side shots against the shields.

The Martian's main Heat-Ray weapon was again fairly ineffective, but at least managed to hit something this time.

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