Tuesday 1 February 2022

Rapid Fire Gold Rush

A Tanks Only game of Rapid Fire loosely based upon everybody's favorite silly WW2 bank heist movie, Kelly's Heroes.

Britsh, German, Italian, and American are trying to loot some gold from a bank in the village. It is defended by some French, who don't seem keen on being friends with any of the approaching vehicles.

The Britsh line up for a charge. The Germans are to the left, Americans to the right, French in the town, and Italians at the top of the picture.

Some British lay in ambush as the rest dash into the town taking out a number of French tanks on the way. Only one French vehicle survives, taking a number of turns to run off the map.

The British try and block one of the routes to the Bank entrance. To the left, a Tank can be seen at the gates getting ready to load up some gold.

Germans get picked on as the Americans and British concentrate their fire.

The British escape with loot #3 but push their luck in trying to get the final one.

The Italians ride in to seize the final token from the retreating British who are off to spend their 'hard earned' gold.

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