Saturday 16 April 2022

Thawgrave Castle

Frostgrave. but in a not-so-frosty location. Bands of adventurers have been told about the treasure/princess/etc that needs liberating/rescuing from a castle and surrounding town that has fallen into the hands of some bad people. That's 'bad' as compared to the incoming wizards, who were mostly necromancers. 

(This post was delayed from February)

The bands were coming in from different directions and attempting different methods to get past the town walls. It took some bands nearly the entire game just to cross them. The most successful method seemed to be to ignore using magic and just climb.

Rather than manually clear out the defenders on the wall some long-distance crossbowing was used as my small band made its way across the inner town.

The rolling casting of Fog Wall continues as Nigel the Necro and his band of stooges makes their way over the bridge. Two grunts are put in front to detect any nasty surprises. Screams and flames could be seen coming from a nearby building. Jim's band, who had sneaked in via a breach in the wall, had run into a small dragon in one of the major buildings. It was not friendly and decimated his group.

The booby trap detector wins first prize after opening the castle doors. Remarkably this lowly grunt manages to survive this encounter! In the background, another group of adventurers (run by Ben) look on in astonishment.

With one loot uncovered and a rather angry dragon stopping any further progress, the force implements a hasty retreat out of there running past another band who were probably wondering what the commotion was.

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