Thursday 17 July 2008

Back in the Role

For the first time in too many years I'm finally back Role-playing.

Johnny is DMing and the campaign is being set the game in the Dragonlance world of Krynn. We are going retro and playing with 2nd Ed. Dungeons and Dragons rules. This will be the first time I have played Dragonlance proper having mostly played in Greyhawk. Scott did do a pseudo-dragonlance setting once, and I'm versed in the background so playing there should be no problem.

The first session was just the usual rolling of characters, which was a lot slower than expected due to the amount of laughter and silly comments being made. Not surprising given the amount of history that the group needed to catch up on. A quick combat at the end so that the new guy got some idea how it works (And a reminder for the rest of us as to how THAC0 works!)

With five players as well as the DM hopefully there is a good chance that this group will last rather than peter out like previous groups have done.

List of Characters (no names yet, our brains were hurting by the end of the night.)

  • Kagonesti Warrior
  • Silvanesti Cleric - Order of the Stars (Mishakal)
  • Qualinesti Mage
  • Human Paladin - Knight of the Crown
  • Silvanesti Thief (shifty looking - is in fact a Irda)

An Elf dominated line up. Something tells me that the elves are going to be arguing a lot!

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