Thursday 30 April 2009

Year 3 Ends

EMail update from Dave M based on the final turn and the off season events of year 3 as played out on Tuesday.

Ladies and Untermenschen Nurgles,
Scores on the doors for end of year 3 on the sunny island of campoon.
After a year of high drama, famine, plagues and long walks home, this is what everyone has left

Matt, 'King of the Catamites'
3002 Army Points, 10GP to spend
Mark, 'Lord of the Fraggles'
4519 Army Points 25 GP to spend
Tel, 'Lord of Places No-one Wants'
2450 Army Points 20GP to spend
Martin, 'The Nurgle of Itchee Bottom'
3422 Army Points 19GP to spend
King Jim, 'Keeper of the Holy Ruler'
4506 Army Points, 22GP to spend
Paul, 'Lord of the Cunning Plans'
4297 Army Points, 26GP to spend
Dave, ex-Catamite
4127 Army Points, 14GP to spend

Dave has now taken over Dave's position as Dave will be away for a month, and Dave's former lands have turned barbarian depite him being a (now former) vassel of Matt. So I didn't attack into Dave's lands in the final turn as he's not in control: Dave is! Clear?

During the Winter phase I've lost a large army due to a plague hitting my capital; but at least I have a reasonable amount of money. Matt has lost troops and income due to Dave cutting off a limb of his Empire, but this has not stopped both of them sneaking into a corner to discuss next turn, something Matt also did with Mark. Don't think any other alliance blocks exist just yet, but if they do happen then I can see a World War occuring.

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