Thursday 23 April 2009

Munchkin Mayhem

Campoon delayed again; So time to dig out my copy of Munchkin, by Steve Jackson Games, with a couple of the expansions chucked in.

First Delve
Martin, Dave S and Me.
Martin romped this one despite it being his first game. He seemed to enjoy owning the 'Spiked Codpiece ...of Doom'

Martin's power building
From Furness Wargamers

Martin quickly built a lead and despite Dave and Mine best efforts there was nothing we could do to hold him back, in fact my character took a long time to get off 1st level.

My weak character

Martin's character certainly earned the Munchkin title.
His final character

Second Delve
Dave S, Colin, Baldy and Me.

Colin's first game and more balanced as a four player. And as seems traditional with this game he was also the winner, hitting level 10 just before Dave S and me, both of us ending on level 9.

Baldy trailed in last at level 1 after making the mistake of single-handedly trying to screw all three of us over at the same time.

A busy night at the club.

Phil and Jock played Battlefleet Gothic.

Battlefleet Gothic lineup

Trailing badly Phil went all out in his last turn, but still fell short (one roll away from claiming half points)

Phil's last gasp effort

Another 5 player game of Smallworld, and 3 tables worth of Role-players, including one of Star Frontiers which I've not seen in years.

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