Thursday 2 April 2009

Return of the Jim

Returned to the Campoon to find that Jim had reversed his decision to quit and is back in the land grab.

My territory survived intact but a barbarian incursion during winter knocked my income back. Also I've now got an unwanted fort after Mark (who I gave pre-written instruction to) misinterpreted the location of the peninsula's 'choke point'.

Dave S is now an underling of Matt (Grima to Matt's Saruman or, probably more appropriately, Smee to Cpt. Hook), and combined together they split the continent of Nu Campoon in two.

Positions: Year 3 Turn 3
From Campoon 3

Southern View

Turn 5 Positions

After this turn a couple of battles took place. One between the Nurgles and Paul after the Nurgles got sick of running away. The second between my Triangles and Dave M's Sassinids, as I put three armies against his one.

The Battle

Tel's Triangles 2800pts (based on Shildwall Wessex)


Dave M 1400pts (Sassinids)

Starting positions

The Wall of Ceorls, trimmed with a line of Huscarls and Thegns. When Mark mentioned that we were a slow moving wall we pointed out that walls don't generally move at all.

The Triangles slowly push them off the board as not a single meelee took place, only some consistant sniping.

The hit and run tactics did knock down the Triangle forces a bit but the solid wall restricted the cavalry and with no more room to maneuver they left the field but only after mulling a trial charge of one of the numerous Shieldwalls.

End of Turn 5

Due to absentees next week (including myself) the campaign will be given a miss.

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