Wednesday 15 July 2009

AK-47 Monarchy

People were thin on the ground this week with only three tables up and running.

Fought a couple of battles as a group of oldtime gamers may have finally found a use for their old 70s\80s Cold War stuff. A proposed campaign on a later day Britsh Civil War (they claim that they've never heard of the 30's based campaign 'A Very British Civil War' but the ideas are very close).

So I got drafted to do a couple of trial games using the original AK-47 rules. First game I was the defender, second the attacker. In both cases the defenders position was nerfed by poor setup roles, weak armoured car forces trying to fend off tanks. Both ended in the attacker holding two out of three objectives (40pts vs 20pts) but unable to do the clean sweep as in both instances the clock ticked down rapidly.

Ideas for tweaks are already being collected to shift the setting into more in line with 1st world conflict rather than 3rd world bush wars.

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