Wednesday 16 June 2010

The Final Conflict

The Irish Campaign reaches its conclusion...

After many a grinding battle it came to pass that the Bishop Guisbourne called for a meeting of all the contenders and their associated nobles to try and put an end to the warfare. No consensus could be reached between the many parties and so everybody piled out of the church for one final and hopeful decisive encounter...

After noticing that he was in fact surrounded by the forces of his vassal Goligy, King Tel O'Malley decided to do the decent thing and get the first blow in against him. The first blow being enough to severe Goligys' head and lead to the capitulation of his forces.

Next the O'Malley forces concentrated on the cadre of Martin O'Connel which were disposed of quickly. The O'Connel himself was more elusive running round a peat bog disguised as a byzantine saint in his red bobble hat, and generally being a pain, slaying one of O'Malleys nobles, as well in helping in the death of the equally elusive Baldius O'Maximus, the Army of One. Eventually O'Connel was put to the sword, and the O'Malley forces cautiously moved back towards the churchyard.

The forces of O'Shaugnessy had meanwhile moved towards the church and given the Bishop such a fright that it caused him to seek sanctuary in the church; only a damp tinderbox preventing a tragedy from happening. O'Shaugnessey retreated behind a church wall as the assault of Hulio O'Geordio nobles finally landed. A quick flanking maneuver by O'Shaugnessey left O'Geordios' position fatally weaken, which was soon followed by O'Geordios heart being fatally weaken by a O'Shaugnessey blade.

The forces of King Matt O'Neill and his loyal vassal J.J O'Mason had combined into a pair of shield walls and was now trying to rebuff the advances of the traitorous O'Shaugnessy, who had in the previous year robbed the trusting O'Mason of many of his holdings. O'Mason was slain by O'Shaugnessy who was then himself slain by O'Neill despite his forces numerical superiority.

This left the forces of Tel to surround the remnants of the O'Neills, whilst the O'Malley himself went in search of the perfidious Bishop who had set this whole thing up. After surviving a bashing from the bishops crook, Tel waited nervously for his forces to dispose of the remaining contender before sending the bishop onwards to potential sainthood.

And so, due to the ancient rule of last man standing, Tel O'Malley is the new High King of (Almost) All-Ireland.

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