Thursday 3 June 2010

San Splendido

A mini-campaign set on the island of San Splendido, located in an undisclosed location near the Caribbean. Rules are a version of G.E.V. adopted to modern warfare.
4 player led factions fighting over the 6 cities and 6 villages on the map. Blue pins are Paul, Yellow are Tony, Red are Dave M, and White is me.

From Furness Wargamers in Tanks

The random allocation of forces were from cards originally used in earlier AK47 campaigns. Each player starts with One city and two random force cards which are hidden from opponents, each pin represented a force. Holding cities and villages allow for reinforcement rolls (1 in 6 chance, two rolls per city, one per village) at the start of a players turn, again getting one random force card per success. Initial draw for me was some foot-slogging Militia, and, more favourably, some Tanks.

The first bit of action occurred when the Presidential flight from San Spendido City scouted out a unit of Militia belonging to Paul, and, hoping to discouraged them from taking a vacant city, decided to attack. This didn't go to plan as one of the helicopters got shot down after failing to withdraw after their attack phase. The Militia did get badly shot up, and next turn retreated back up the coast

I continued building up my power base by capturing a city an a village mainly due to a couple of good re-enforcement rolls giving me some mobile infantry, whose trucks double move along the countries rickety roads. I also had some artillery turn up. Minor setback when some of Dave M's helicopters shot up a militia roadblock I had setup. My Tanks continue to slow move across the country, I deliberately moved them one slower at infantry speed so as not to attract attention.

The current 'president for life' got kicked out of the capital by Dave M, and, since he was no longer able to get any reinforcements, massed his troops and attacked Paul's city in the hope it was less well defended, and counting on the chance that re-enforcements that Paul was lucky enough to roll was in fact militia and nothing decent.

This was the biggest and final battle of the night, as the forces clashed on the outskirts of the city after Paul advanced his troops out of cover in the hope of gaining the momentum that striking first in GEV can give.

Was disappointed that the game ended here as my tanks, backed up by some mechanised infantry, was about to roll into Paul's original city, which, lucky re-enforcements rolls aside, was only defended by his beaten up militia.

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