Saturday 12 June 2010

Beyond the Pale

Some more historic stuff from 2006, this was the ongoing Irish Clans Campaign organised by Paul. The battles being fought out using quick play rules so two or three being played per club night. An earlier version of the posts appears on the Furness Wargamers site.

Each player started with 3 Clan\Family Leaders each with a clan force and two locations (6 in total) The actual clans representing pseudo-historical families (with certain name changes!). Alliances could be made and were binding till broken!

Dublin and the Pale are strictly off limits to all troops, but beyond that...

Starting positions roughly as follows...

O'Neills - Ulster\North coast (Matt)
O'Shaughnessy - South - Clare\Kilkenny (Alan)
O'Mason - South East Coast (Jeff\Jim)
O'Malley - West Coast - Galway\Roscommon (Tel)
goligy - Central (Kieran)
O'Maximus - Ulster (Baldy)
O'Geordio - South Coast (Paul)
O'Connel - South West - Cork\Kerry (Martin)

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