Monday 14 June 2010

The First Alliances

The 2006 Irish Campaign continues...

EMail from Paul outlining the current positions...

From: Paul

Sent: 02 February 2006 14:00
To: ----

Subject: scores on the (irish) doors


Having studied the hieroglyphs scrawled on players campaign sheets, I have arrived at the following conclusions in the great Irish uncivil war:1099. There are 60 towns and castles available to nab, 3 more belong to the nasty Normans.(or people calling themselves Norman, everyone's too scared to ask which). A High King has to control (directly or through vassals) two thirds to win . i.e. 40.

scores on the doors:

'high king' matt (panzer)o'neill owns 10
vassal Thug o'shaughnessy (alan) owns 12
vassal Jeff/jim o'mason (you choose) owns 7

'high king' tel o'malley (dave) owns 11
vassal goligy (and his galoots) (kieran) owns 6
vassel Baldius o'maximus (mike) owns nothing, or is one of
the galoots maybe..

Independant chiefs:
hulio o'geordio (me) owns 8
martin o'connel (martin boru) owns 3

so, if the independents were to declare for one side then it would win
outright, or the other side would bring cosmic balance to the face of
chaos....which would you do ?

What happened...

Baldy had managed to lose almost all his possessions to Matt who was coming down the North West coast. After Baldy tried and failed to hide on a peninsular, I had moved in to 'protect' the rest of his holdings, and offer him sanctuary in my lands. In this I was aided by Kieran, who after a brief clash had decided to throw in with me. Meanwhile Alan and Jeff\Jim had thrown their lot in with Matt despite not having a common border with him. They spent most the time taking towns off Martin. In effect there were two mini-wars going on, with the northern part consisting of numerous clashes between Matt and myself over the same two towns, and the southern between Alan and the Independents.

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