Thursday 9 September 2010

Mech Scrap

A game of Battletech, run by Martin, as Keiron rolls back into town. And a chance to finally use Norbert McVitie in action (despite Martin initally trying to hand his sheet to someone else). A raiding party, amazingly of exactly the same tonnage as our 5 Mech Lance, is entering the territory near our base. Keron, Baldy, Simon, Tristan and myself vs Martin.

From Furness Wargamers in the Future

Baldy commenced his usual heroic\foolish charge across the battlefield and managed to take numerous hits before landing a fluky critical when in close combat with the opposing Mech.

This didn't help much with the juggernaut that was an Atlas bearing down on us. It was left to lance leader Keiron and myself to try and deal with it while keeping a couple of smaller Mechs occupied as well.

The battle with the Atlas took a turn for the worse as we allowed it to get too close which negated our LRMs by getting with their minimum range. Add to that the fact that my Trebuchet was non-jump capable, so with no easy way to escape out of the rough terrain, left me in a sticky situation. Repeated hits to only two locations, Left Arm and Right Leg, soon saw internal damage on my Mech, followed by a critical hit, from transferred damage, on the Left Torso and ammo storage causing the Mech to blow up. Thankfully the ejection device worked OK.

Colin, initially busy commanding some Rats against Graeme's Toads in a game of Flintloque, the fantasy Napoleonic era skirmish game, was quite happy later on to sit and watch Keiron rack up the experience points for his hijacked character. He finally took out the damaged Atlas in hand to hand, or more accurately Foot to Head, combat. And with the big guy out of the way, the other rival Mechs did a runner.

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