Thursday 30 September 2010

In the 'Loft

Played a couple of games of Castle Ravenloft, a collaborative tile exploration game based on Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition rules and the associated traits and powers of the system.

A fun, relatively quick to play dungeon raid game. A big box game with high quality components including plastic minatures and thick, glossy, cardboard tiles. The Monsters provided are mostly undead types, which fits in nicely with the classic Ravenloft theme.

From Furness Wargamers Fantasies

Only 1st and 2nd level characters available, and almost like the 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons Miniature games in terms of the stat cards for the players and monsters. The tiles are similar designs and style to the game boards for the RPG but with Jigsaw edges making direct compatibility difficult. The figures look to be taken from the miniature game as well, I'm sure that the Kobold figures could be a version of the legendary Meepo.

Movement is a mixture of by squares for characters and by tiles for Monsters. A number of monsters have particularly nasty attacks in certain positional situations, such as spiders web attack from a tile away. As per the later version of the miniatures game any attempt at a semi-accurate orthogonal movement system has been kicked out, and it is just as easy to go diagonal as straight ahead; which something I don't really like.

Old timers were grumbling about the new roll to hit Magic Missiles, it's not very magical if they can miss.

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