Wednesday 1 September 2010

Rike Stuff

A couple of games of Svea Rike as the club, still low in numbers due to the holidays, found itself exiled down below as the main hall was laid out for 'Out of Africa' kids activities.

First game was fairly standard, with a new player learning the ropes, and a number of successful battles against the foreigners. I manged to pick up a few points on the way by using event cards to help out these battles, but couldn't buy up enough land or resources. Low scoring in terms of points with Martin winning.

Second game was played at speed due to the limited time left, but was actually finished with no problem for time. This was strongly merchant based game, as a number of disastrous wars saw the lands depleted. Colin took victory with his pile of mercantile cash. I came second with my lands and resources after a quick early bout of merchanting before a war with Russia took them out.

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