Wednesday 7 December 2011

End of Empire

The campaign comes to an end as it normally does... with an all out brawl for the crown. Each player was to command his own personal 12 point retinues they meet on the fields outside of Altdorf. Who will dominate, the insurgents or the Emperor and his 'loyal' supporters?

From Furness Wargamers Fantasies

Both of the insurgents line up at the far end of the field, Paul along with his vassal Dave S and their archer heavy forces. The loyalists, Tel and Mark line up in the distance at the other end. And the Emperor, for some reason, decides to set his line unsupported at the mid-point of the field. Of the other royalists, Jim had been waylaid by some Halfings and could not make the battle; while Matt sent messengers saying he would turn up later.

As the battle commenced the Emperor charged his forces towards the enemy while the main rump of his support still lay distant from him. Dave S moved the majority of his archers into the protect of a copse, while Paul faced the Emperor head on.

Mark and Tel attempted to tush up the field as fast as they could, but were hampered by the D3 limit on PIPs (which was used instead of the regular D6). Emperor Tony ignored the pleas for him to slow down and fall back to the safety of 'friendly' troops.

In brutal combat, costly to both sides, Paul was slain by the Emperor who was in turn slain by Paul's vengeful bodyguard.

Suddenly the forces of Matt appear at the edge of the battle, a host of Knights wondering what they were going to do in all this forest. After a few turns observing and seeing their small unmounted detachment get destroyed by the Paul-less remnants, they left the field of battle with the promise to return elsewhere.

Mark decides that his plan to betray the emperor and stab him in the back can no longer work, so instead he starts attacking all-comers. This involved attacking the rear of Tel's spearmen who are now trapped between Mark and the Paul-less. The rest of Tel's force of archers hang out in a nearby woods watching the slow but heroic demise of their sandwiched comrades.

Meanwhile Dave S had rushed out of the woods and seized the vacant crown and attempted to leave the field, only to be cut off by Marks knights and forced to return to his main force, who were slowly appearing out of the woods.

So Dave S becomes the Emperor, mostly because people could not be bothered attacking him.

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