Wednesday 30 November 2011


The Empire campaign continues, as the new Emperor takes office in Altdorf, a rebellion breaks out, and pesky mythical creatures start interfering.

Paul and Dave S, declares against Emperor Tony and refuses to pay taxes, Matt, declares for Tony but refuses to pay taxes, claiming that his support alone is worth more than any tax. Everyone else pays a small token amount to him.

Meanwhile the newly participating Dave M was joining as 'unknown forces' who would soon make their presence felt.

From Furness Wargamers Fantasies

Tony, as the 'all powerful' emperor, gains access to the small Imperial army and also to some new troop types, the most of which he can not afford to buy.

Matt launches a massed blitzkrieg into Paul's land but, despite his advantage in armies, soon gets bogged down.

The first external problems occur in Jim's land as an halfling rebellion breaks out. Then Large Rodent problems start occurring all over. People stop fighting each other and instead hit against the infestations, which strangely enough never seemed to occur in the rebellious domains.

Just to annoy Matt further, a whole load of pointy ears appear in the forest that he spent seasons trying subjugating. He thought he had succeeded in conquering them last turn but was obviously wrong. These green clad tree-huggers quickly spread out into the neighbouring areas.

Dave S then throws in the towel and becomes a direct vassal of Paul's, becoming the first player to do so, and leading to the separatists becoming a single unified force.

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