Wednesday 2 November 2011

Germanic Link Up

More Great War activity as the newly arrived Austro-Hungarians (new figures of Dave M's, he has still got some heavy artillery to fix up along with some more Infantry) attempt to link up with their Germanic allies as the Russian grimly hold onto the road awaiting a special delivery.

From Furness Wargamers in Trenches

The Russians are split into two forces, one, lead by Paul, defending the ruins of a village, and another, lead by Tony, dug into emplacements with a strong contingent of Artillery. The Germans are lead by Tel, Matt in the center and Mark on the right flank; with the Austrians in the distance split from us by the Russian defenders. These Austrians were lead by Jim, obviously playing a descendant of the Holy Roman Emperor from the Italian States campaign.

I was assigned a company of Jaegers in the hope of dislodging the Russians camped in the ruins, the initial approach was disrupted, as a hidden machine gun, in addition to a visible one, opened up. The Jaegers eventually got their MG set up on the hill and proceeded to lay counter fire on the enemy MGs with good affect. The Jaeger Infantry making use of the light troop +1 save bonus, were now in close range, and laid some withering fire into the Russians out in the open, as well as joining forces with the central force to clear one of the ruins silencing the MG.

Meanwhile some Russian Armoured Cars had shown up escorting a truck across the table. The Austrians, recovering after suffering heavy losses in the initial assault, managed to knock out the lead car blocking the road and causing the other Car to slowly make its way around it.

The German right, slow to move up due to the marshy conditions on that flank, concentrated on keeping mostly out of sight of the Russian gun emplacements but still managed to take out the truck before it could get even half way across the table.

Dave M has now got a cheap copy of 'Over the Top' supplement after getting it in the Warhammer Historical half price sale. He's also got a copy of Gladiator which should be interesting.

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