Wednesday 19 October 2011

Italian Armageddon

It's the last battles as the Italian Campaign reaches the end of days in 1501, and the final reckoning takes place. But first some unfinished business needed to be taken care of...

From Italian Hordes

Finishing off the previous year there is yet another battle in the continuing Venetian verses Holy Roman War\Bloodbath as Trieste becomes the battleground once more as HRE attempts yet another defense of their sole port from a reinforced attack. Various disagreements occur as to the 'rule of war' during this engagement.


The pope issues another decree... 'That the unholy influence of the Spaniards and their infernal machines should be removed from the land of Italy.'

When it was pointed out that the Borgias were Spanish as well he pointed out his Irish roots, and being Pope raised him above such things anyway.

Turn order is once more going Widdershins. And everyone was aware of the victory conditions, with Naples reckoning himself the current leader.

Naples throws themselves into a mass battle against Spain in Campagna. In this they were assisted by Papal reinforcements, who in the end never turned up after the Jabberwocky dice refused to roll 6's. This was an epic bloodbath with Naples taking heavy loses but being kept in the battle via the flow of reinforcements, with two batches turning up on the first turn.


Otranto falls back into Neopolitan hands, leaving only one Spanish possession on the mainland. Milan defend their newly recovered home city from Venitian aggressors.
With the last round approaching it was decided not to do any battles but to conduct sieges only.


Stalemates all over as armies moved to stop sieges.

Any last offensive against Romagna ended when Savoy sent an army into thinking that it was only a fleet that was there and not an army (the Pope had given up on naval transport despite acquiring a port). Given that there was Romagnan cities waiting to be taken over, this also ended up crucial to the final result. With the remaining Papal armies set up to prevent Neapolitan aggression the turn ended with no extra action.

Final Scores
Romagna - 208 (10 regions [+6])
Naples - 199 (12 [+1])
Spain - 186 (5 [+1])
Savoy - 172 (8 [+6] + Milan)
Venice - 171 (10 [+2])
Papal States - 128 (7 [+2])
Holy Roman Empire - 79 (2 [-2])
Milan - 61 (4 [-3])

So the big losses at the Battle of Campagna ended up costing Naples the game, as did Savoy pinning the Papal army in on the final move. Romagna controlling the central Italian cities and not facing any real concerted opposition allowed them to win in style.

Papal Points Breakdown
Army (24 * 3) = 72
Prestige = 8
Territory (7 * 6pts)= 42
Cities (3 * 2pts)= 6
Total = 128

Starting position was worth 62pts.

Given that the pope spent the last few years sandwiched between the games two most successful powers and, on occasions, had nine opposing armies on his borders, this was a good result.

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