Thursday 12 January 2012

Force on Force

Paul brought in his HO Scale Star Wars figures. Using once more a modified set of Ogre rules. Only three troop types, Leader, Trooper and Speeder to keep things simple.

Initial forces were 1 Leader and a squad of 5 troopers assigned to each of the two Heroic Rebel Leaders (Tony & Tel)and the two Imperial Lackeys (Jim & Mark). Reinforcements were available randomly depending upon the number of bases captured. Role a die per base, 5 get trooper or Leader, 6 get Speeder or Trooper or Leader.

From Furness Wargamers with Force

Starting location made it difficult to get two bases, so seized one straight off and sent a force off to get the more centrally located second one. It soon became clear that this was not going to be viable so left a small force at the most distant one to act as a distraction while concentrating on the more centrally located where I had more chance of receiving assistance from the other Rebels.

Things got a bit silly as things deteriorated into attempts to block the reinforcements from turning up, the rule being that they must appear at least 6 hexes away from enemy forces. Speeder Bikes were pressed forward to try and stop the new troops from coming on. In this respect going second became an advantage as the Rebels can counter any Imperial attempts while doing similar but unopposed.

By this method I managed to get a lone trooper to the rear of the enemy and effectively stopped them putting reinforcements on one entire side of the board, and who spent the rest of the game hiding behind an alien tree as the only enemies present were busy guarding bases.

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