Thursday 19 January 2012

Moon Walker

Does Star Wars count as historical gaming since it happens 'A long time ago...'?

It does seem to cause even more arguments over 'historical accuracy' than Napoleonics. An apocryphal battle on the moon of Endor, as the Imperials detect a covert Rebel base hidden on it.

A much bigger game than last week. And an 'Ogre' finally makes an appearance in this rules mod, as a giant AT-AT Walker appears on the scene. Not too mention Speeders, X-Wings, TIEs and Jedi.

From Furness Wargamers with Force

The Rebel troopers were no match in skill against the Imperials (their attack rating being downgraded from last weeks game) so the best hope of defending the base laid with the Speeders, commanded by Jim. They managed to engage the AT-AT and over-run many of the defending troops, but were eventually downed before stopping it.

The X-Wing goes on a suicide run against the TIE fighter. The X-Wing is soon brought down by ground fire and the TIE follows a round later. The speed of the aerial elements made it difficult for them not to maneuver over the enemy ground forces and receive fire from them.

Jedi vs AT-AT did not go well despite the Jedi getting the first blow in, taking out the AT-AT's main weapon that had already been damaged by Jim's speeder force assault. A Lone trooper vs AT-AT didn't do any better.

The other Jedi proved much more effective against ground troops, hacking and slashing plus deflecting the Stormtroopers weapons fire back at them. It might of been better for them to ignore him and concentrate on the weaker rebels.

The Rebels crowd the Walker and finally do the crucial damage to the AT-AT's leg, slowing its speed to just 2 and, with time running out, making it nearly impossible for it to reach the base before the end of the game.

With the last of the Imperial Speeders destroyed as well there was no chance of a quick breakaway to hit the base, and even that would have had to contend with the reinforcements being held in reserve (We never spent any of the accumulated reinforcement points, which were enough for at least another leader and squad of troopers)

The Ewok was left chained up at base for it's (and everybody else's) safety.

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