Monday 28 October 2013


Spent Sunday down in Leeds at the Fiasco show, organised by Leeds Wargamers. Held at the New Dock Hall opposite the Royal Armouries.

A nice drive down despite the rain, as the roads were mostly free of traffic. Venue is a decent size for the event and was not overcrowded. The actual footprint of the stalls appeared bigger than at Phalanx but that could be because of fewer stalls rather than larger floorspace.

Purchased some more 28mm French and Indian War miniatures from AWMiniatures at a reasonable rate. Hopefully the new purchases will kick start me to finish/start the previous batch of FIW figures I bought off North Star at Phalanx in June along with the Musket & Tomahawk rules. Also bought some 4Ground mdf buildings to go with them.

Spent the rest of the afternoon across the square at the Royal Armouries, a place I've not visited in a decade. The dockland area surrounding the site being totally transformed; The exhibits inside not so much, but at least it's free admission. The place still requires a day to go round in full, but managed to take in the bulk of the four impressive main halls.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Wonky War Wagons

This week a couple of games of Basic Impetus
Tony vs Tel, Matt vs Dave M, with potential decider at the end.

Managed to win the battle I was in via a war of attrition and some double sized pike units. Both sides had artillery, and both actually managed to hit and damage something. A first in our Impetus games. Without the central core of Infantry, one of Tony's superior Cavalry unit was eventually broken, taking his losses above the threshold.

The second battle between Matt and Dave M, was more interesting with half of Dave's force consisting of War Wagons, something we've not seen in the game before. Matt won out eventually by killing the weaker units spaced between the fortfied juggernauts.

No deciding battle conducted as time had ran out.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Trench Foot

A Trench Assault scenario, acting as another refresher of the Great War rules, prior to Dave M kicking off his campaign some time in the near future. Played along the length of a 6' by 4' area, the trenches were the standard simple ones and not the enhanced entrenchments as described in 'Over the Top'

From Furness Wargamers in Trenches

Tel and Matt, each playing a company of Valiant Russians with support from artillery, were attempting to remove Tony's company of Germans from their dug in positions.