Wednesday 14 May 2014

Zombie Town

A cooperative skirmish game as 5 survivors try to scavenge some supplies from a Zombie infested town. Using the free Twilight World rules, that, despite the name, has nothing to do with Sparkly Vampires or Swing Out Sister.

Majority of the terrain and all the figures supplied by Dave M. Mini's are a mixture of plastics but include a lot of Wargames Factory's Dark Futures line of Zombies and Survivors. (The disembodied hand on the photo below is not part of the game.)

The Town (built by Dave M) and Cemetery (supplied by Mark) look quite peaceful. This was soon to change with the introduction of some interlopers, who were making enough noise to wake the dead.

Starting off on a section of railway track, the party head off into town, skirting past the cemetery and checking some buildings for goods. The odd zeds pops up, sourced from activation rolls triggered by proximity to buildings, but they are casually disposed of. Most building are empty, but I do find one full of cuddly toys, which are always useful in a post apocalypse world.

Unfortunately the casual gun fire starts to attract some attention from larger groups of Zombies. Matt tries to dispose of a horde, issuing from a Police Dept, 'quitely' with an Hand Grenade, naturally it misses the intended target and explodes to wake a few more shamblers up.

At this point the party started to split up, as individuals took to scouting separate buildings rather than deal with the zombies, with not very good results. Matt became trapped in a building with zombies in and, after finding some ammo, was forced to the roof. Our slow moving leader gets trapped and wounded in the main street. A spate of double ones turning up sees both me and the Leaders ammo run out at the same time, leaving our Assault Rifles only good for clubing.

After Mark and Jim helped rescue the Leader via shooting an escape route for him, and with Jim enticing the zombie reinforcements away with his Benny Hill impression, the group starts regrouping on the edge of town after out pacing the Zeds.

The group loops back towards the Police Department that had previously released a horde out of it, but which had remainded unsearched. A search of the P.D. by Mark finally turned up some ammo, but with undead pouring in, a quick exit back into the open ground near the railway was in order. If the backdoor out into the wilds had jammed at this point then things would have got a bit sticky, as the escape route would be blocked by zombies reaching it a turn later.

With only about a quarter of the town searched and only some cuddly toys to show for it, we retreated back out of town.

The group came to the joint conclusion that the game worked well, and that we should have been more subtle in our shooting and burning off ammo, reducing our shots would have both reduced the chance of more zombie activations and of running out of ammo.

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