Wednesday 5 July 2017

Stuck in the Middle

Back to East Africa and another trial game of TMWWBK in the Great War. Set up by Dave M to test the artillery rules and to get a few more players involved.

A German led force is stuck between two British led groups ( Askari and Indian based respectively ). Naturally enough things didn't quite go as planned.

The British-Askari force, lead by Matt, moved up the games sole artillery piece. The crew of which is then decimated by a single volley of German rifle fire. Another round of fire saw the gun completely crewless.

The British-Indian force uses successive rounds of fire to dislodge the German MG from it's position, and to cover the approach of a unit into charge range of a damaged and pinned German unit.

In scenes reminiscent of the previous game the first close assault went against the attacker despite overwhelming advantages. The British change tact and just sends repeated shots into the now surrounded unit till it breaks.

So the link up occurs and the remaining German units are under attack from three sides. They manage to break a couple of the attacking squads as they close but there is just too many to repulse.

The Germans could have done with a couple of prepared positions rather than having to rely on just the rough terrain. And we never found out about the artillery, but from the book it seems the weapon is great just like Machine Guns.

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